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020 7101 4279
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Châtel is a picturesque and vibrant village with plenty of bars, restaurants and boutique shops and is the ideal dual-season resort for avid mountain bikers with incredible bike trails in stunning scenery. Châtel Bike Park is one of Châtel's biggest out-of-season attractions. The Bike Park, open from June to September, is dedicated to mountain biking fanatics with expertly shaped trails in the heart of the Portes du Soleil resort. The park hosts many events and is hailed as one of the best places in Europe to ride!

Located just outside of Châtel, at Pré-la-Joux/Plaine Dranse and reached via Pierre-Longue or Rochassons chairlifts, the Mountain Bike Park has around twenty downhill trails, at all difficulty levels and a number of fun zones. These include North Shore zones, a Kids’ Shore and a Slopestyle with a Live Park where you can video yourself in amongst the action.

The Châtel ski resort is also ideally located for French Alps property owners who wish to explore the Portes du Soleil area with the charming Morzine resort only an hour's bike ride away.

Châtel Bike Park consists of;

  • 3 x lifts

  • 2 x chairlifts

  • 1 x gondola lift

  • 20 tracks

  • 49kms of tracks

  • 3 x green tracks

  • 4 x blue tracks

  • 4 x red tracks

  • 9 x black tracks

  • 7.6kms of green tracks

  • 9.8kms of blue tracks

  • 7.8kms of red tracks

  • 15.5kms of black tracks


Choosing the Right Bike Trail: Beginners, Intermediates and Experts

Bike park maps will often suggest which order to ride the trails in, which is a great place to start. 

We’ve picked out our favourite trails for all levels of experience;

Green: ideal for beginners

The best place to start mountain biking in Châtel is the Panoramic route in the Bike Park. Panoramic is one of the few green trails in Châtel bike park. Made for beginners and families, the trail is easy, wide and without surprises. The trail starts from the top of Châtel and finishes at Plaine Dranse, the midpoint of the bike park. And as its name suggests, the trail offers up some impressive panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Blue: a bit more challenging

Serpentine is a fantastic blue trail in the lower section of the Châtel bike park, with guaranteed fun for all levels of riders! The trail is wide and also has no mandatory jumps. Beginners will easily make their way down, gaining confidence on smaller ‘bumps’, while experienced riders can push their limits and hit the transfers.

Red: skill needed!

Ric et Rac is a red trail in the bottom section of the Châtel bike park. The trail cuts right across the bike park, making it a transition trail that many other trails can be accessed from or completed on. The start of the Ric et Rac is flat, with a short pedal and as it progresses, prepare to be exhilarated with tables, doubles and hips!

At the end, you join Serpertine, a blue trail that will take you back to the chairlift.

Black: for experienced riders only

Châtel is probably best known for its steep, rough black trails. Nine of the twenty trails in the Bike Park are graded black. The best place to start with these is Komatrautrail. This track is rough, loose and steep from top to bottom. It has a bit of everything, including big rocks, jumps and long root sections.

The Gueps is another one of our favourite black trails in the lower section of the Châtel bike park. The trail begins with some drops and small doubles, in addition to a nice root garden, where it is important to find good lines to keep your speed up. Prepare for things to get a little more technical and complicated as the trail progresses, getting steeper with lots of roots.

At the end of the Gueps, it is possible to join Ric and Rac or to reach the beginning of Zougouloukata.

Technical Trails

Châtel also has great rough technical trails. Haute Tension begins at the top of Rochasson with a series of tight corners, beautifully re-shaped at the beginning of the summer. It then runs through a technical section of polished boulders and rough rocks, back into another section of tight corners before a final technical section.

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020 7101 4279
25 Eccleston Place, London, SW1W 9NF
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