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Remember those long, hot, summer holidays when you were a child? You'd be up at the crack of dawn, barely taking a moment to eat breakfast, meeting up with your friends and heading out on adventures until the sun went down.  

Summer in Châtel is the embodiment of those action-packed six weeks in nature with your friends, a true outdoor playground for adults and children alike. 

Just moments from the Swiss border, this Portes du Soleil resort will have you believe there aren't enough days on your holiday to make the most of this truly beautiful and authentic Alpine village; all the more reason to return time after time!

While the skis are having a time-out, this double-season certainly is not - perfect for the lucky French Alps property owners there. So, whether you're into adrenaline-inducing or relaxing, land or water activities, let's explore some of the best ways to spend the summer months in Châtel.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

If you’re not one to sit back and relax whilst you’re on holiday, or you’re often looking for an activity to get your heart racing, Châtel ski resort has a range of activities that are sure to induce an adrenaline rush:

Fantasticable Zip Wire

If you could choose a superpower, would it be the ability to fly? Well, buckle up because Fantasticable might be able to bring that wish to life... kind of. 

Appreciate Châtel from 240m in the sky with the 1,325m long zip wire that reaches speeds of 60mph. You can choose to go it alone or take a flight with a friend for the extra FUN factor in your flying experience. 


The Bobluge, also known as the summer bobsled, is one of the most fun ways to appreciate the sights of the Châtel mountains. 

Whizz your way down 650 metres of beauty at an average speed of 7 miles per hour - fast enough to get the blood pumping, steady enough to appreciate the nature and scenery that you are weaving amongst on the bobsled. 

The bob luge is set in Pré-la-Joux, passing through spruce trees and woods until you reach a steep decline with a panoramic view of Châtel.

White Water Rafting

Power your way down the valley on the River Dranse with the ever thrilling white water rafting. You'll travel along varying rapids and gorges, each with its unique twists, turns and individual level of excitement. 

White water rafting in Châtel will see you aboard a raft, or an inflatable raft, being paddled by several members, however, there are a few different courses you can take, depending on your fear factor levels!

Rodeo Rafting is often deemed the 'classic' course. It's open to people over the age of 13, and on a scale of 1 to 6, the 6km Rodeo Rafting course is level 3. 

Discover Rafting is slightly tamer than Rodeo, with a rating of 2 and available for anybody over the age of 8. It's great fun for all of the family and it poses a great opportunity to learn about rafting. 

Longo Rafting is the longest descent of all three courses, meaning you will be sailing for 1 hour 30 minutes down 12km of the River Dranse. The Longo Rafting is considered "sporty", and open to people ages 13 years and over.

Adventure Days

“Holidays are for relaxing!” ...says who?!

If your idea of a holiday is adventure-filled, you're in the right place. From mountain hikes to treetop obstacle courses, activities are abundant for you and all of the family to get stuck into.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most popular activities for a summer in Châtel. The local area has seen huge amounts of investment in biking routes, with many new trails recently created. 

Over the summer months, the ski lifts are used to transport passengers and their bikes to the top of the once snowy pistes, so whether you're on foot or on two wheels, the mountains are accessible to everybody.

Tree Tops Adventure Park

Tree Tops Adventure Park is possibly the biggest hit with families venturing to Châtel in the spring and summer months. Leap your way through the treetops with 7 different adventure circuits catering to different abilities from complete beginner, avid climbers and thrill-seekers.

After tackling a test circuit, you can decide which treetop adventure you would like to face. 

Devalkart and Rollerbe

Situated directly next to the Bobluge, you will find the Devalkart, also known as the Go-Karts, and the Rollerbe, aka Scooter. 

When riding the Devalkart, you will take a seat in your chosen kart, pulled up the hill by a ski tow pole and then it's time to race your way back down the hill - Mario Kart style - to do it all over again. If you're feeling adventurous, you can choose any speed you like, but if you're preferring a leisurely ride, rest assured the karts don't go super fast... if you don't want them to.

Similarly to Devalkart, you will be pulled up the hill on your Rollerbe via a ski tow pole, and then use the descent to race your friends and family back down the hill if you've got a competitive streak to you. 

You might be thinking, what is a Rollerbe though? It's essentially what we know to be a scooter, but it has been designed and built to handle all types of rugged terrain. So, no worries about bursting a tyre on the rough trails. 

Hiking and Walking

Hiking and walking around Châtel can be as challenging or as laid back as you choose. There are tonnes of trails and walking trails up the mountains and down at ground level, so there is a suitable route for all abilities and preferences. 

Grab a picnic, soak up the incredible views and seize the day with friends and family, whether that be on a trek to the cheese farm, or a full day tackling the tallest mountain routes.

Take Time to Relax

Even the most active of souls need to take time to rest after a hectic week of activity. Luckily, Châtel has plenty of relaxation to offer as well.

Lake Vonnes

Lake Vonnes is an incredibly beautiful setting to chill out with the whole family and spend a day basking in the sun and appreciating the breathtaking surroundings. 

The lake is accessible to everybody, with dedicated disabled facilities, easy pram access and a route for those heading to the lake on bike or foot. 

The lake, the highest water spring in France, features a water spring, permits angling, and there is also a children's playground to keep the little ones entertained for hours.


Canoeing and kayaking is the perfect family activity for a warm day! Take to the water in a canoe raft all together, or on a kayak in pairs, and gently sail across one of the many stunning lakes in the Châtel area. Several watersports organisers can arrange a guided trip, as well as provide the necessary equipment needed for each activity, such as neoprene suits, shots and lifejackets.

Take advantage of summer activities in Châtel with ease; browse our many luxury Alpine properties, including our recently completed Châtel ski property development, Le Flocon Blanc.

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