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Luxury means something different to us all, but when you're indulging in a luxury property, there are certain levels of splendour you want to reach to be sure you’re receiving full extravagance for your expense. 

The French Alps is home to some of the World's greatest ski resorts, magnificent mountains and unparalleled Alpine properties; so it's no wonder why it’s one of the most popular locations for home buyers.

From phenomenal locations, outdoor heated swimming pools, wine cellars and spas, we have compiled our favourite key features to look for when shopping for luxury ski chalets in France.


  • Private Swimming Pool


Can a luxury chalet claim that moniker without a private pool? We don't think so! 

Whether it's a private indoor swimming pool, a heated outdoor pool with mountain views or both if you're really exclusive, a private pool provides hours of entertainment for adults and children, offers a way to keep healthy on your ski trip - if a day on the ski slopes isn't enough exercise - and they are a show-stopping backdrop for any chalet parties you throw. 

But, our favourite benefit of all? The relaxing features that sit alongside many luxury private pools, such as waterfalls and plush lounge chairs, are a perfectly tranquil setting for you to unwind with a book and one of France's finest wines. 


  • Spa Facilities


After a day shredding on the slopes, the cold weather caressing your body or hitting the après ski festivities too hard the night before, your muscles and joints will thank you for some pampering; so access to a spa is a must for anybody looking to buy a luxury property in the French Alps

Treat yourself to a massage or treatment of your choice from a trained masseuse, before spending your evening indulging in the finest French cuisine, your favourite tipple or cosied up with a hot chocolate. 


  • Luxury In-Chalet Entertainment


You skied, you've kicked back, polished off delicious cuisine and now it's time to entertain. Whether you're looking to entertain yourself, your young ones or a wider circle of family and friends, no luxury ski chalet is complete without its own in-chalet entertainment. 

A state-of-the-art sound system is the minimum in-chalet entertainment that a luxury Alpine property should have; how else are you meant to host lavish après ski parties into the small hours of the morning? 

If you want to take it a step further, bring the big screen to you with a home cinema, the perfect entertainment for a bit of downtime in your dream ski home - and a way to keep the kids quiet for an hour or two.

Some other chalet additions to impress guests at your high-class lodgings could be a gaming room, poker or billiards room, or your own home bar-turned-club if you take après ski REALLY seriously!


  • Wine Cellar 


A luxury ski home is deserving of its own wine cave, don't you think?

Traditional Alpine chalets have long featured their own impressively stocked wine cellars, and your new luxury ski property shouldn't be any different. If you are on the lookout for your very own wine first-class wine cellar, you should look for humidity and temperature-controlled cellars, that is now becoming a very welcomed and common addition to some of the French Alps' finest properties. 


  • Outdoor Hot Tub (with mountain views)


If a skier imagines their dream chalet, it's likely that an outdoor hot tub will be at the top of their "must-haves" list. 

Soaking in the bubbles while soaking up natures; it sounds idyllic. Outdoor hot tubs are common in many ski properties because of their huge appeal and popularity, so what about a luxury ski chalet? Well, a backdrop of beautiful mountain views will help to take your outdoor hot tub to the next level of opulence.


  • Heated Boot Room and Ski Storage


If you've never rushed to get dressed in the morning with excitement to get back onto the ski slopes, only to be greeted with soggy boots and damp clothes, you won't appreciate the luxury of a heated boot room.

A dedicated room to house all of your ski equipment, boots and clothing not only makes much easier to get ready in the morning, making sure you don't waste any precious slope time, but the heating facilities within the room also ensure your gloves, boots and clothes are nice and dry the following day; some would say this is luxury that money can't buy!

Although this isn't a necessary addition, the best heated boot rooms can be accessed from outside of the property, meaning you don't have to traipse wet equipment through your luxury chalet. 


  • Cosy Up In Front of an Open Fire


An open-fire isn't the biggest deal-breaker for a luxury chalet, however, they will make the evenings of your luxury ski holiday a lot cosier. 

Open fireplaces help to create an appearance of grandeur within the chalet, but they also create a warm (quite literally) and welcoming focal point for your family and friends to gather around and relax after a fantastic day of skiing.

Sink into your luxurious sofa, cosy up with blankets and appreciate the crackling of the embers while you laugh the evening away with your loved ones.


  • ...All Complete in a Phenomenal Location


The French Alps is home to some of the world’s most luxury ski resorts. The exquisite ski areas also feature some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, and any extravagant Alpine property deserves so to have such scenery as its backdrop. 

Our five-bed chalet in the L'Altima development in Megève has views over the Alps highest mountain, Mont Blanc, that's sure to add the wow-factor to any of your après ski gatherings.

Some of our favourite quaint and traditional ski villages that we recommend including at the top of your list when searching for a luxury French Alps property are Courchevel 1850, Megève, Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes. 

But of course, every French Alps resort is outstanding in its own right!

Look at any property developments in the French Alps most exclusive ski resorts and it's easy to see what you should expect as a minimum in your luxury ski property. 

Whether you're searching for a luxury ski in ski out chalet, apartment or a villa, we have a collection of outstanding Alpine properties in some of the chicest developments in the French Alps. 

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