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Considered by many as the hidden gem of the Swiss Alps, Grimentz is brimming with charm, class, and all of the qualities that a quintessential ski resort should possess. 

Grimentz, Switzerland, is at the heart of Val d'Anniviers and has transformed into the skiing hub of the valley over the years - and it's easy to see why. 

The ski resorts high altitude is accessible by gondola, and it boasts a generously sized ski area, varied terrain, world-class ski facilities, exquisite panoramas and a tranquil village setting to wind down during your evenings away from the slopes. 

With beauty too outstanding to be restricted to the winter ski season, Grimentz and the wider Anniviers municipality has plenty to keep you busy throughout the spring and summer months. Owing to its year-round appeal, traditional charm and feeling of exclusivity, Grimentz property for sale is superior for those looking to purchase a luxury ski home.

Property in Grimentz Switzerland

If luxury ski holidays are a common occurrence for yourself or your family, or Grimentz holds a special place in your heart, purchasing a ski property within the resort might be the answer to all of your Alpine dreams. 

With exceptional ski facilities, breathtaking vistas, and plenty to keep you busy off the slopes while maintaining its quaint and secluded appeal, investing in exclusive ski property in Grimentz is a decision that will never grow tiresome. 

Luxury Property Developments in Grimentz

Le Hameau De La Couronne; A Deluxe Swiss-Alps Development

Nestled in the heart of Grimentz ski resort, Le Hameau de la Couronne is one of our latest luxury ski property developments in the Swiss Alps that is still under completion. 

The residence is situated amongst the ski lifts, restaurants and shops of the village, but that doesn't detract from its feel of opulence. Le Hameau de la Couronne will contain 76 exclusive apartments, ranging from one-bed studios to traditional 4-bedroom Swiss cabins

Each dwelling will be finished with luxurious and comfortable furnishings and fittings, each specifically chosen to reflect the nature of the development and maintain the vibe of the much-loved and time-honoured style of Swiss Alps homes.

Each apartment will feature a balcony or terrace for you to enjoy the outdoor environment whenever you choose, and every apartment or cabin will have a dedicated underground parking space. 

Other stand-out features and facilities of this special Swiss Alps property development include an indoor swimming pool and wellness area complete with Jacuzzi, sauna, massage rooms and hammam.

Wind down at the close of a long day on the slopes in Le Hameau de la Couronne's restaurant and bar, soaking up the views of its panoramic terrace. 

Perfect as an investment property, or a second home for your family to enjoy for many years to come, a slice of Le Hameau de la Couronne can be yours for a price between €200k and €850k. 

To receive further information on this gem, contact our specialist team today. The resort is due for completion shortly, but you can reserve your apartment or cabin in advance, to ensure you don't miss out. 

Grimentz Ski Resort

As the largest ski resort in the Annivers Valley, skiing in Grimentz caters to all abilities and skill levels, with both skiers and snowboarders alike frequenting its pistes. 

The valley is largely populated by those making a day-long pilgrimage from the larger neighbouring ski resorts such as Sion and Sierre, although Grimentz ski resorts worth visiting in its own right. 

Let's explore the facilities and features of Grimentz ski resort and the wider Sierre-Anniviers ski area:

Grimentz and Sierre-Anniviers Ski Area Overview:

  • 159km of downhill skiing
  • 80 marked pistes
  • 52 ski lifts 
  • Grimentz is at a 1,570m altitude
    • Winter sports area is located between the altitudes of 1,570m and 2,900m
  • Grimentz’s closest airport is Geneva Airport
  • A good variety of ski schools at the resort 

Map of Grimentz Ski Resort

Many skiers find it beneficial to plan their day on the slopes before heading to Grimentz-Zinal. Interactive piste maps allow you to navigate the pistes that are most appropriate for your ski ability without confusion. 

Check out this Grimentz ski map to discover the resorts' pistes, altitudes, slope grades, ski lifts and cable cars, mountain restaurants and even an overview of neighbouring resorts to visit during your ski holiday.

Grimentz Ski Passes

There is a plethora of ski passes available when visiting Grimentz. Rather than purchasing a ski pass for the one lone resort, you will have access to the Val d'Anniviers ski network, which consists of Grimentz-Zinal, St-Luc, Chandolin and Vercorin.

The cost of the pass is dependent on the customer's age and how many days you would like the pass to cover, ranging from half a day access up to annual passes for the devoted skier. 

For example, some of the most popular passes that are purchased for Grimentz-Zinal are;

  • Adult 4-day access: 213 Fr. 
  • Youth 4-day access: 181 Fr.
  • Child 5-day access: 151 Fr.
  • Adult 5-day access: 259 Fr. 
  • Adult 4-day access: 329 Fr.
  • Adult, Child, Senior, Youth Annual Ski Pass: 899 Fr. 

For a full insight into the passes available and their corresponding prices, visit the Val d'Anniviers website.

Best Time to Visit Grimentz Ski Resort

The wonders of Grimentz can be appreciated at any time of the year, from the snow laced village of Winter to the colourful blossoms of Spring Summer; there is no 'bad time to visit. 

However, the preferred season for your visit is dependent on your intentions - are you seeking the thrills of the ski slopes, or are you longing through a sun-soaked mountain hike?

Snow Report and Weather in Grimentz

The warmest months to visit are between May and September, with the average temperatures resting between 20°C and 25°C. But if you're not a fan of the rain, August has the highest level of rainfall on average, while April has the lowest. 

The coldest months - and also those with the best skiing conditions - are between November and February, with January being the coldest on average. Having said that, the first week in March is typically the snowiest for Grimentz!

The average weekly snowfall each month is:

  • December: 29 cm across 3.4 days per week
  • January: 38 cm across 3.7 days per week 
  • February: 32 cm across 4.4 days per week
  • March: 32 cm across 4.4 days per week
  • April: 29 cm across 4.3 days per week

Grimentz Ski Season and Opening Dates

Historically, the Val d Anniviers ski season, and most of the Swiss ski resorts, will open for the public mid to late November and extend until mid to late April, sometimes closing earlier or later depending on snow and general weather conditions.


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