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La Plagne France is currently the world's most popular ski area, with 2.5 million keen skiers heading to its resorts every season. The French Ski area sits in the Alpine Valley of the Haute Savoie, and it was originally created to prevent the valleys from becoming deserted. 

But why is the La Plagne ski area so popular? Well, the ski area spans four communes Aime, Bellentre, Champagny-en-Vanoise and Mâcot-la-Plagne and 11 resorts (yes, eleven!), and offers an impressive 140 miles of slopes for you to surf. 

Whether you're keen to head to La Plagne on a ski holiday and have a lot of unanswered questions, or you're interested in La Plagne property for sale, we've comprised all of the key details that you could need to know below.

Property in La Plagne France

Many enthusiastic skiers dream of owning their own slice of the Alps. If you’re lucky enough to elope to the magic of the Alps every winter, it seems like a worthwhile investment, and you can make your base in La Plagne a little more permanent. 

La Plagne has it all, so it’s one of the most beloved resorts in the world, let alone the French Alps. So, when you’re back in the UK - or your home country - and your days on the slopes are but a mere dream, your Alpine home can be rented out to other keen skiers, hikers and explorers alike, making it a nice little earner for you, too. 

Luxury Developments in La Plagne

We have Alpine property developments covering many of the most popular ski resorts in the La Plagne ski area:

Le Snoroc Development

Le Snoroc development is in the heart of La Plagne Montalbert, consisting of 1 bed + cabin properties, 3-bed duplexes, 4 bedroom cabins and everything in between - but all with a traditional Alpine feel.

Le Centaure Development

The Le Centaure development is nestled in the stunning village of Belle Plagne, with a central location that is perfect for retreating to your cosy and luxury French Alps property after a hard day skiing. 

Le Diamant Des Neiges Development

Le Diamant Des Neiges is in the hub of the Paradiski area, but with all the benefits of a traditional village resort. Due to its close proximity to the French ski school, it’s perfect for those with families, children or just groups of beginners.

How to Buy Alpine Property in La Plagne

Buying a home in the UK can feel like a never-ending whirlwind of documents, to and fro with your solicitor, yes' and no's from your bank, a multitude of fee's, taxes and charges to calculate, so surely this will be even more difficult when looking to buy abroad, right?

With the buying process differs in every country, it doesn't always mean it's more difficult. Plus, if you purchase from a developer, agent and management company all rolled into one, it can become quite simple. 

The Process

The process to buy a ski apartment in La Plagne or any French Alps ski town or village has a number of stages that can take anywhere from a couple of months to two years. The biggest impact on the length of time this process should take will depend on what stage in the development your property is at.

Similarly to the UK, the first step of buying a property in the French Alps is paying your holding deposit. In France expect to pay between 20% to 30% of the total property value, but you can initially secure the home with roughly 2% of the value before you sign your contract... which leads us onto the next step.

As the second step in your journey to the Alps, you will sign your Contract of Reservation, also known as a VFEA Contact. Following this, you will be required to obtain funding in the form of a mortgage approval if required and on the success of this, you can then sign your Signature of the Deed of Sale. 

Any pre-payments of fees and taxes are to be paid in instalments at different stages of the development if you are buying a new-build property that is not yet completed.

As soon as your property is finished and ready for you to move in, your agent will deliver the property, give you the keys and your home is yours! 

Organising Your Finances

Mortgage or Cash Buyer?

It is well known that French banks provide international property investors with fantastic interest rates, perfect if you are looking to secure a mortgage for your newest property in France. Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready though, as French banks often ask for a lot more than the UK banks.

If you are looking to buy a property in La Plagne without a mortgage, cash buyers will take advantage of our amazing transfer rates, and whether you are a cash or mortgage buyer, our payments are required at staggered stages throughout the development of your ski apartment or French chalet.

Property Deposits 

Once you have decided on your dream La Plagne investment property or ski home, you can secure it with a deposit, the same as you would in your home country. 

The deposit is generally between 2% and 5% of the property's total value, but if you are hoping for a mortgage from a French bank or mortgage broker, expect to need around 20% to 30% of the property value. 

Investment Property & Management in the French Alps

Terresens is not only a property developer of prestigious ski properties but a hands-on property manager, too. Our management programme gives you full freedom to use the property as you wish, but someone to ease the load and effort required to rent out your property when you are not in the country. 

If you choose to put the management of your La Plagne ski property in our capable hands, not only will you benefit the convenience and ease of our management and rental package, you will receive a 20% discount on the purchase price of your tax-efficient ski apartment and other advantages.  

La Plagne Ski Area and Resorts Essentials

La Plagne Ski Resorts

Within La Plagne's 11 ski resorts, the 140 mile of slopes is made up of 134 slopes - 15 black, 30 red, 72 blue and 10 green - so if you're an intermediate or advanced skier, you won't run out of new sights to ski on your holiday. 

The 11 resorts in La Plagne ski area are:

  • Plagne Centre - 1970 m altitude
  • Aime-La Plagne - 2,100 m altitude
  • Champagny-en-Vanoise 1,250 m altitude
  • Montchavin - 1,250 m altitude
  • Plagne Villages - 2,050 m altitude
  • Plagne Bellecôte - 1,930 m altitude
  • Les Coches - 1,450 m altitude
  • Montalbert  - 1,350 m altitude
  • Plagne 1800 - 1,800 m altitude
  • Belle Plagne - 2,050 m altitude
  • Plagne Soleil - 2,050 m altitude

La Plagne Ski Map

For a ski area so large, we think it's fairly important to know where you're going before you book your holiday to make sure you choose the resort most suitable to your skiing preference and abilities. 

A quick inspection of a La Plagne ski map will help you pinpoint the area with the slopes most suited to you, and will help you navigate your way around this amazing resort so you can make the most of your ski holidays to the region. 

Here you can find maps of La Plagne for the local towns, resorts, pistes, cross-country skiing, hiking and more.

La Plagne Ski Passes 

The lift system in La Plagne ski resort is fantastic for both skiers and hikers alike, and there are ski passes for everybody whether you want to stick to one or two resorts on your holiday, or you're feeling adventurous and want access to the ski area in its entirety. 

You can check out the full range of La Plagne ski passes online. If you order your ski pass before you arrive at La Plagne, you might just save yourself some cash!

The Best Times to Visit La Plagne Ski Area

La Plagne Weather and Snow Conditions

La Plagne is the perfect ski area to visit all year-round. With cold winters that make pristine ski conditions, and hot summers that are the perfect atmosphere for a season spent hiking or mountain biking, La Plagne offers it all!

If you're interested in hitting the area during peak skiing conditions, La Plagne's coldest months are December to February. On average the temperatures are at their lowest in February at 1°C, while December and January are 2°C. February is also the month with the highest chance of snowfall with a 16% chance.

The average snowfall each week in La Plagne is:

  • December: 26 cm across 2.9 days
  • January: 35 cm across 3.2 days
  • February: 25 cm across 3.7 days
  • March: 26 cm across 3.7 days
  • April: 18 cm across 3.5 days

In contrast to this, if you're a sun worshiper or hoping to explore the area in a new light, the hottest months are July and August at 23°C and 24°C respectively.

When Does La Plagne Ski Season Start…

The ski season in La Plagne typically runs from December until April, but due to Covid restrictions in 2020, this year’s ski season is set to start in January so far. However, this is in line with Government guidelines and is subject to change if needed.

Should the resort open for skiers in January 2021, it is expected to remain open until 25th April 2021.


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