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Megève France, is an Alpine commune and a popular luxury ski area in southeastern French Alps and part of the Mont Blanc massif. 

The town evolved in the 1920s after the Rothschilds family sought a French alternative to St. Moritz, and it has since remained one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the French Alps that are regularly frequented by the rich and famous. 

If you’re looking to live the affluent life and dreaming of owning a Megeve property for sale that you can call your own, we've compiled Terresens’ Ultimate Guide to Megève France:

Megève Ski Resort and Megève Village Essentials

It goes without saying that if you're looking for a ski property to buy in the super Megève or La Chapelle, it's because you're a ski fanatic and you're probably more interested in the resorts and its facilities than the property itself. 

Megève ski resort is in the southeast region of the French Alps, and part of the Mont Blanc Massif, meaning you have easy access to the Domaine Évasion Mont Blanc area, which includes five more resorts! 

Megève resort is grand with an exceptional 73 pistes totalling 83km, as well as 61 ski lifts and over 1000m of vertical descents! That's impressive, isn't it? 

Let's look at what the ski resort and the quaint village of Megève can offer in more detail:

Best Time to Visit Megève Ski Resort

Megève Weather and Snow Conditions

Megève is a 360 resort, with cold winter conditions that are perfect for skiing, and hot summers for outdoor activities and scenic hikes; there's plenty of action to be had throughout the Summer and Autumn months, too. 

If you're looking for the best skiing conditions, the coldest months in Megève are December to February. On average, the mercury is at its lowest in January at 1°C, while December and February both sit at 2°C. 

January is also Megève's snowiest month with an average of 31cm of snowfall per week across 3.2 snow days each week.

The average snowfall each week in Megève is: 

  • December: 27 cm across 2.9 days weekly
  • January: 31 cm across 3.2 days weekly
  • February: 27 cm across 3.7 days weekly
  • March: 26 cm across 3.2 days weekly
  • April: 14 cm across 2.0 days weekly

On the flip side, if you’re hoping to explore the sunnier side of Megève, July and August are the hottest months on average at 19°C. June and September are still very pleasant at 16°C and May has an average temperature of 13°C if you're seeking slightly cooler climates for your long mountain hike.

Ski Passes

As Megève ski resort is part of the Portes du Soleil ski area, you can access 12 ski resorts all from one single ski pass. Or if you know you want to stay local to the Megève area, you can also buy a cheaper ski pass that grants you access to Megève ski resort alone. 

Property in Megève France

Owning a ski apartment or chalet is often the dream of avid skiers. If you spend the winter season and well into spring making the journey to and from the slopes, it seems wise to make your base there that little bit more permanent, for convenience but also for your own slice of home in your favourite Alpine village. 

Megève is one of the French Alps most beloved resorts, so even when you're at home merely dreaming of surfing the powder, your little haven can be rented out to holidaymakers, doubling up as a nice little investment for you, as well as a home. 

How to Buy Alpine Property in Megève

Buying a home in the UK can feel like a never-ending whirlwind of documents, to and fro with your solicitor, yes' and no's from your bank, a multitude of fee's, taxes and charges to calculate, so surely this will be even more difficult when looking to buy abroad, right?

With the buying process differs in every country, it doesn't always mean it's more difficult. Plus, if you purchase from a developer, agent and management company all rolled into one, it can become quite simple. 

The Process

The process to buy a ski apartment in Megève or any French Alps ski town or village has a number of stages that can take anywhere from a couple of months to two years. The biggest impact on the length of time this process should take will depend on what stage in the development your property is at.

Similarly to the UK, the first step of buying a property in the French Alps is paying your holding deposit. In France expect to pay between 20% to 30% of the total property value, but you can initially secure the home with roughly 2% of the value before you sign your contract... which leads us onto the next step.

As the second step in your journey to the Alps, you will sign your Contract of Reservation, also known as a VFEA Contact. Following this, you will be required to obtain funding in the form of a mortgage approval if required and on the success of this, you can then sign your Signature of the Deed of Sale. 

Any pre-payments of fees and taxes are to be paid in instalments at different stages of the development if you are buying a new-build property that is not yet completed.

As soon as your Alpine property development is completed and your home is ready for you to move in, your agent will deliver the property, give you the keys and your home is yours! 

Organising Your Finances

Mortgage or Cash Buyer?

It is well known that French banks provide international property investors with fantastic interest rates, perfect if you are looking to secure a mortgage for your newest property in France. Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready though, as French banks often ask for a lot more than the UK banks.

If you are looking to buy a property in Megève without a mortgage, cash buyers will take advantage of our amazing transfer rates, and whether you are a cash or mortgage buyer, our payments are required at staggered stages throughout the development of your ski apartment or chalet.

Property Deposits 

Once you have decided on your dream Megève investment property or ski home, you can secure it with a deposit, the same as you would in your home country. 

The deposit is generally between 2% and 5% of the property's total value, but if you are hoping for a mortgage from a French bank or mortgage broker, expect to need around 20% to 30% of the property value. 

Investment Property & Management in the French Alps

Terresens is not only a property developer of prestigious ski properties but a hands-on property manager, too. Our management programme gives you full freedom to use the property as you wish, but someone to ease the load and effort required to rent out your property when you are not in the country. 

If you choose to put the management of your Megève ski property in our capable hands, not only will you benefit the convenience and ease of our management and rental package, you will receive a 20% discount on the purchase price of your ski apartment and other tax advantages.  

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